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An international marketing and public relations firm that excels in opinion polling and targeting
consumer language for TV and radio advertisements, surveys, conference/earnings calls
and legal arguments by using 'instant response dial-testing' computer technology
for Wall Street, Fortune 1000 companies, government and public elections


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Our current verification technology offers results and recommendations for the following applications.

  • TV and Radio commercial testing
  • Earnings call delivery process
  • Conference call preparation
  • Annual report development
  • Jury selection and closing arguments
  • USER-Friendy messaging
  • Litigation testing
  • Instantaneous feedback
  • Access to more industry analysts  
  • Real-time results
  • Tighter control of stock price volatility
  • 100% confidentiality

               AN  OPEN  LETTER  TO  ALL  CEO's

We are experts in targeting business language, TV & radio advertising, and earnings call presentations using "dial-test instant response technology."

Your message is tested by a national audience to assure that it will sell. No one else does it this way.

Our recommendations use computer simulation. That's a positive message on Wall Street.

These methods are seen on FOX News, MSNBC, CNN and CNBC. We use the worldwide gold standard of, "perception analysis."

Test soulutions have proven so powerful that attorneys use them to develop their closing arguments.

We forecast earnings call results before you deliver the message. Our model is proven on Wall Street

Our business is to enhance your outstanding brand immediately by keeping you in the news.

Simulation of Perception Analysis, "dial-testing,"
available at this site by download request


Chrysler Corporation - nothing but kind words and forecasts for us in their engineering report

Sharing Ideas Magazine
truly the company and the people who wrote the book on customer service

Wal*Mart -
a large number of convincing studies on collective bargaining - they were right on the money

Business-to-Business Magazine
- a motivated group of professionals with a gift for innovative solutions

- we asked for a raincheck on a specific survey and they delivered as promised

- flattered by comparing our quality to Malcolm Baldridge Award standards

Newswire - unprecedented forecast that nailed Columbia's 'free-trade' agreement before the Congress


   ** DUNS, CCR, Senate and House ID # available on request