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        An international marketing firm that excels in opinion polling and targeting consumer language for TV 
         and radio advertisements, surveys, conference/earnings calls, legal arguments and public relations
                      by using instant response dial-testing computerized technology for Wall Street, 
                                            Fortune 1000 companies and public elections


                         Oprinski Selected as CEO for Capital Earnings & Research

                                                 Roll Out of New Polling Technology to Account for Growth Surge

TIMES SQUARE, NY/JULY 22, 2008/PRNewswire -- Capital Partners Limited, LLP announced today that it will appoint H. Richard Oprinski to its new divisional CEO position effective October 01, 2008. Oprinski will also occupy a seat on the Board of Directors.

The host company will acquire Capital Earnings & Research  to include all intellectual capital, facilities and technology.  Capital Earnings & Research  is the company that introduced the latest algorithmic process, “community quick-shot ©,” a polling method commonly referred to in the industry as, formula four for four.’

During an exclusive interview with Oprinski, he stated that “the company can poll the nation with a survey question and produce conclusive results in 4 hours or less within a 4% margin of error. We feel that we are the only firm with this type of rapid response capability because of current technology.”

In addition to acquisition management and domestic bankruptcy tasks, Oprinski’s career has taken him to Europe, the Middle East and Asia on global assignments that included capital joint ventures and manufacturing markets development. He is a former Executive Vice President of the Business Consulting Group, Inc. and is a featured guest speaker and seminar instructor of international strategic planning. Oprinski is the author of “Customer Service, The Strategy for the 2000’s”, a general aviation pilot and has an MBA from Vanderbilt University.

The company’s growth model is expected to accelerate under Oprinski’s leadership by adding more exposure to the western half of the U.S. “I expect to increase the financial position for my investors by 55% in the first year and grow at a rate of 35% through the forward years of my five year planned solution. I am gratified to be selected for this position and look forward to satisfying the growth challenges of the firm,” says Oprinski.

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                 Capital Earnings & Research Rolls Out Dynamic Opinion Polling Process

                   Beta to Application Upgrade Produces National Opinion Polls in Less than 4 Hours

NEW YORK, NY/JUNE 30, 2008/PRnewswire –– With a private showing to programmers and pollsters at their facility today, Capital Earnings & Research
 revealed its newest computer forecasting model, ‘community quickshot ©,’ an algorithmic process that the company developed to expedite results and accuracy of national opinion polls.

According to a company spokesman, “we can poll the nation with a survey question and produce conclusive results in 4 hours or less within a 4% margin of error. We feel that we are one of the only firms with this type of rapid response capability.” The process is already referred to in the industry as the, ‘four in four formula.’

The 65 minute demonstration polled a sample of the U.S. business community to identify their most favorite person to narrate Meet the Press after the fall elections. The overwhelming choice was Maria Bartiromo, anchor of the Closing Bell, at CNBC.

“The worldwide gold standard, instant response dial-testing, can be eliminated in many instances without compromising poll accuracy by using our version of ‘community quickshot ©.’ We like IRDT to test TV advertisements and corporate earnings calls for Wall Street because it’s emotional for the client. But, we expect to see more top tier activity versus selling opinion poll results to third party media as we apply our dynamic new technology,” says Hank Oprinski, the Chief Investment Officer for the firm.

Dial-testing is a popular method currently being demonstrated by the major cable news networks to present differences of public opinion in the presidential campaigns. Results are so powerful that trial lawyers rehearse closing arguments before a focus group and even Super Bowl advertisements are validated prior to release.

Speculation remains as to whether or not Capital Earnings & Research continues to be a takeover target by private equity groups. The company is not commenting on any proposed sale resulting from its development of the new technology at this time. Its confidentiality policy states that ‘shared information will always be treated as unique in content 100% of the time and that client relationships will always remain 100% confidential.’ 
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     Capital Earnings & Research Partners with ReCellular, Inc. and Cell Phones for Soldiers

 TIMES SQUARE, NY/JUNE 10, 2008/ -- Americans will replace an estimated 150 million cell phones this year, with the majority of phones either discarded or stuffed in a drawer.  “Most people don’t realize that donating their unwanted phones can have a tremendous benefit for a worthy cause like Cell Phones for Soldiers” said Hank Oprinski, Chief Investment Officer at Capital Earnings & Research.

Cell Phones for Soldiers hopes to turn old cell phones into more than 12 million minutes of prepaid calling cards for U.S. troops stationed overseas in 2008.
The phones are sent to ReCellular, Inc. which pays Cell Phones for Soldiers enough to provide an hour of talk time per phone to soldiers abroad.

The charitable organization was founded by teenagers Robbie and Brittany Bergquist from Norwell, MA, with $21 of their own money. Since then, they have raised millions of dollars in donations and distributed more than 500,000 prepaid calling cards to soldiers serving overseas.

Through increased fundraising efforts, the Bergquist family hopes to raise more than $9 million in next five years to fund new programs, such as providing video phones and prepaid service to allow soldiers abroad to see their families on a regular basis.

“One of the founding principles of Capital Earnings & Research is to build a successful business that is both socially and environmentally responsible,” says Oprinski. “It is a great honor and privilege to offer support to such a worthy and inspiring effort as the Bergquists’ Cell Phones for Soldiers and that of ReCellular, Inc. "

Visit for more information, including a list of donation and collection sites across the country.

                      Click on the link below and you will be directed to a site to download a postage free recycling label
                                                                 free recycling envelope - click here
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                                 Why Dial-Test Your Advertisements ?


                                                    Dial-Test solutions are so powerful and precise that
                                                              attorneys use the method to develop closing arguments.

                                                    Your message is tested by a national audience to
                                                              assure that it will sell. No one else does it that way.

                                                    Our reconmmendations use computer simulation. 
                                                              That's positive message for Wall Street.

                                                    These methods are seen on MSNBC, FOX NEWS, CNN
                                                              and CNBC for presidential election polling. 

                                                    We use computer simulation through the worlwide gold 
"instant response dial-testing."

                                                    We communicate with you anywhere in the world 
                                                              through our partnership with WebEx and CISCO.

                                                    Our business is to enhance your outstanding brand
                                                              immediately and keep you in the news.
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                   National Poll Reveals That Corn Can Be "NUTS"

                    When Is It Time to Call Corn and Corn Products, NUTS? -- When We Use Them for Fuel Products

DALLAS, TX/MAY 02, 2008/PRnewswire -- After conducting a nationwide poll** during April 29-30, 2008 of 483 random consumers, our results revealed that 64% of the respondents thought it’s just plain nuts to put our food supply in the gas tanks of cars and trucks. Our poll question was open-ended and simple - ‘In one sentence – why would anyone put a gallon of milk in their vehicle’s gas tank?’ The responses varied after the sample population was explained that, including efficiencies, subsidies, manufacturing and transportation, costs to add ethanol to gasoline were approximately $6/per gallon.

As we followed up with a question line, our consumers left us with the opinion that they thought ethanol was directly responsible for at least some of the costs of food rising and certainly saw how ethanol could increase the cost of gasoline at the pump. Our most notable response came from a lady at the Mall of America in Minnesota. The consumer stated that, “ethanol has to be another of those experiments coming out of Washington;” She added, ‘those are the same people who are raising the price of stamps in the next few days that will represent about a 10% increase over the last 2 years. If they can’t keep something as simple as the stamp program under control, why should we expect them to do any better with Social Security, Medicare and a proposed Health Care Program.’

So what can consumers expect? As the price of corn and corn products continues to increase, ethanol manufacturers will pass the increases along to the consumer raising the price of gasoline even more. As food prices increase, so will all food related costs including a night out at a favorite restaurant.

Looking out for the consumers interest are U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX) and Texas Governor, Rick Perry. Both have stepped ahead of their colleagues and asked for some method of relief for consumers. Perry has petitioned a 50% waiver on the renewable fuel standard of ethanol produced from grain since it has already demonstrated a negative impact on the overall economy. Hutchison feels that ethanol, as it is currently mandated, is a mistake according to her article prefaced in ‘Capitol Comment’ and is requesting a freeze on the bio-fuel mandate. She also has introduced an energy bill that already has numerous co-sponsors.

Corn products for fuel may have contributed to a 200% rise in the price of corn since January, 2007. That gain translates to an increase of 75% in the price of gasoline, 115% in the price of oil, 20% in overall food prices and even an increase of up to 30% in insurance rates. The alternatives are to tap the available energy in the U.S. and harvest our energy for domestic consumption if only for the ‘Green Effect.’ The use of corn for fuel is one of the greatest pollutants to the Gulf of Mexico that creates larger aquatic dead zones caused by fertilizer runoff.

Our consumers who participated in this poll got it right. The corn for fuel mandate appears to add threats to human existence in some parts of the world. We need to realize that modifying this mandate can produce enough food to feed over 100 million people in the world for the next year. So when is it time to call corn and corn products really “NUTS?” When we use food to fuel our gas tanks!
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                     Petition Drive Finds Major Support For SIRIUS - XM Satellite Merger 
NEW YORK, NY/APRIL 10, 2008/I-Newswire -- After more than 12 months of anticipation, the Justice Department approved the Sirius Satellite Radio proposed buyout of XM Satellite Holdings for approximately $5 billion on March 24.

Justice Department revealed that the merger was ‘unlikely to lessen competition or harm consumers.’ The government appeared to endorse the theme of the agreement implying that there is ample competition in other forms of audio entertainment that included high definition radio and internet-based delivery from devices such as the iPod. The concept of the merger was based on economies of scale since both companies continue to lose money but are showing significant gains in revenue and subscribers.

In response to opinion from public users and stockholders, Capital Earnings & Research launched a petition drive on March 11, 2008 to support the merger. The company was able to collect more than 17,000 signatures on its BLOG sites with supportive emails in a six day period of time.

A cover letter accompanied sample comments from emails and the contents were sent to the
DOJ and to several Congressional opponents to voice consumer demand for the merger. Capital Earnings & Research recognizes Sirius’ Chief Executive, Mel Karmazin, for his persistence and negotiating skills that helped the arrangement into its final stages of approval. The deal was first announced in February, 2007.

The buyout received the approval of shareholders last November but has one more hurdle to cross. Approval is in the hands of the FCC Chairman, Kevin Martin, who is not commenting on the case before him.

Capital Earnings & Research currently have no holdings in the referenced companies and receive absolutely no compensation for any issues related to its endorsement of the pending merger. They do however, believe that the FCC will follow the advice of the  DOJ and will also endorse the merger proposal.
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